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Complete the Rockwatch Passport Challenge!

QUESTION: What do you call fossilised poo?
ANSWER: Coprolite!

Virtual Challenge BadgeIf you enjoy finding out the answers to questions like this one then you’ll love the Rockwatch Passport Challenge! 

The Rockwatch Passport Challenge, part of this year’s Virtual Festival of Geology is still open for you to enter.

If you enjoy a challenge then all you need to do is head over to the festival website Discovery Room, download the Rockwatch Challenge Book  or complete the form online – and find the answers to the Earth science questions scattered throughout the virtual festival website.

Once you’ve answered the questions, completed and returned the form, you’ll receive a certificate!

Head over to the festival website now and take up the challenge! 

You’ll be able to catch up with recordings of the live activities in the Discovery Room.

The ‘Geobus Earthquake Challenge’ – a live show where you’ll learn how to create a shake-proof building

and ‘Chalking with Dinosaurs‘ – a live session where you’ll be making your own dinosaur tracks in your own home!

Download the Rockwatch Passport Challenge Book or complete the online form.


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