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Geraldine Marshall

Rockwatch Co-ordinator
My background is economics and journalism so Rockwatch can only be described as a late found passion. I have four children, all of who, when young, liked scrabbling around on beaches hunting for fossils, which I believe does qualifies me for being part of the team! I strongly believe in getting children out and about - fresh air and exercise - and Rockwatch is perfect for that. The club has also succeeded in making me look at the world differently. From being a complete novice I am now able to identify various rock formations. I can talk fossils and sinkholes (but not as well as most young Rockwatchers!), and I love trying to identify the stone used in buildings – and seeing if there are any fossils in them! My favourite fossil is the ammonite – I love the way the perfect spiral is reflected in so much architecture.

Author: Helen Connolly

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