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Dig Deeper – About Time

About TimeWeek two of our Dig Deeper series is About Time – a field trip with a difference. In fact, Dr Robert Chandler will be taking you on a journey through and about time. Dr Who fans will appreciate the analogy for sure!

Robert had his passion for geology sparked as a young boy and spent his entire career passing on this passion as a teacher to many young people, and now as a Rockwatch Ambassador, brings his expertise and passion to Rockwatchers once again in this presentation, About Time.

You’ll consider BIG questions like,

How old is the Earth (get ready for some seriously big numbers!)?

How do you even measure time that long ago (when humans and clocks weren’t around)?

Who first came up with these methods of studying time (seriously clever scientists)?

You’ll discover how nature’s clocks have helped scientists to find the answers to these and other amazing questions. Clocks that are often beautiful, sometimes dangerous and each telling their own story of time.

In these Covid times, when our sense of time may have seemed at odds with what is familiar, Robert grounds us all in a reassuring yet transformative way.

So, set some time aside now and journey with us to the beginning of time itself.

PDF iconDownload Dr Robert Chandler’s presentation About Time

Author: Helen Connolly

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