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Festival of Geology Online 2020

This year’s Festival of Geology – brought to you by the Geologists’ Association – took place from the 7th and 8th November, 10.30am – 5pm.

Totally FREE, Totally FUN, Totally ONLINE! It’s was ROARRRSOME and you can still visit the Festival site to enjoy what’s on offer!

DISCOVER the Discovery Room – surprises for all ages

SIT IN on realtime experiments with the GeoBus UCL live video link

TAKE UP the Rockwatch Challenge

SEE the 2020 Rockstar Competition winning entries

VISIT virtual stalls and displays from all over the UK

SHOP for gems, rocks and fossils

ATTEND Geological Lectures by science exports

GO ON  a virtual field trip anywhere in the country!

Discovery Room

Rockwatch spent much of the Festival in an exciting virtual Discovery Room featuring recordings of the live workshops that took place, experiments, downloads and the Rockwatch Passport Challenge!

Here you can discover cutting edge Earth Science by watching the talks that were held throughout the day.

Uncover hidden gems in the vendors’ and traders’ stalls.

And explore the exhibits and festival activities from societies, universities and museums from all across the UK.

Dr Amy Edgington

Dr Amy Edgington

GeoBus Earthquake Building Challenge Live

Watch Now

Dr Amy Edgington with the GeoBus was live on Zoom to discover what earthquakes can teach us about the Earth and how to create your own shake-proof building! For this live workshop you will need: Pens, scissors, a cardboard box, sticky tape, spaghetti and marshmallows! 




Dr Liam Herringshaw

Dr Liam Herringshaw

Chalking with Dinosaurs Live on Zoom!

Watch Now

In a live “Chalking With Dinosaurs” event, palaeontologist Dr Liam Herringshaw of Hidden Horizons and the Yorkshire Fossil Festival explained how we try to make sense of fossil footprints, and how you can make your own dinosaur trackways in the comfort of your own home!


Chalking with Dinosaurs

Chalking with Dinosaurs

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