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Renew Membership

We hope you’ve enjoyed being a Rockwatch member and you’ll want to renew your membership for another year. If you haven’t already set up to renew your membership automatically, please ask a grownup to fill in and send the online renewal form below along with payment for the coming year. By completing this form you are consenting to renew on a subscription basis. This means that renewals will be processed automatically a year after your initial subscription is processed.

Your subscription is set up through our Payment Service Provider, PayPal and can be changed at any time. See how to change your PayPal subscription settings. Alternatively is you do not wish to pay on an annual basis, you can fill in our one-time-payment renewal form.

Membership costs

Child (to age 18) £10.00
Family £15.00
Adult/Institution £15.00

When you renew, we will send you a new membership card, together with a fossil, rock or mineral and five Fact Cards of your choice from the list below. You’ll receive an email to confirm that your membership application has been received.

So what are you waiting for? Renew today!

We currently limit membership to within the UK. As a charity, we have to limit costs of postage of our membership packs and magazines which prevents us from shipping items overseas.