The UK's Nationwide Geology Club for Children


Iain Stewart with Susan BrownIain Stewart with Rockwatch Chairman, Susan Brown

Geology is the most fantastic of sciences. It lets you study how the Earth formed, how life evolved, how dinosaurs and other life forms appeared and disappeared, how the human race came into being, and what the moon, planets and constellations might hold for us. And that’s just the start!

Rockwatch and the Rockwatch magazine, are great ways for young people to discover some of the most exciting subjects on planet Earth – and further afield!

I’d like to send my good wishes to all Rockwatchers and all Rockwatch magazine readers. Get into geology and tell your friends what fun – and how important – it is!

Iain Stewart

Ian is Professor of Geosciences Communication, School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences at the University of Plymouth and the well-known TV geoscience presenter.