The UK's Nationwide Geology Club for Children

How we are run

As the junior club of the Geologists’ Association (GA), Rockwatch has been under the auspices of the GA since 2001.

Rockwatch has charitable status and is run by a small team based in London. It is led by a Management Team of professional geologists who give their time voluntarily and seek to share their passion, knowledge and skills with its members.

As a charity Rockwatch receives support and donations from a number of organisations including Anglo American Foundation, Equinor, the UK Onshore Geophysical Library and the Geological Society. Find out more about our supporters.

The GA was established in 1858 and serves the interest of both amateur and professional geologists. Membership of the GA provides access to a full range of lectures, publications and field meetings and gives members many opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals, to learn from each other and share information. In the same vein, Rockwatch seeks to share knowledge and enthusiasm for geology with children and young people.