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Child Safety

Protecting the safety of all children who visit this website and those who engage with other Rockwatch activities is our main priority. See our Privacy Policy for further details about our commitments.

Attending Events

If you and your family book to attend any of our events, at least one parent or guardian is required to accompany any child. A maximum of 4 children or young people can attend events with one adult.

Contributing to the websites and magazine

We are delighted to hear from Rockwatch members – it’s an important part of nurturing their enthusiasm and interest in geology. There are certain features on this website which encourage visitors to get in touch with us including a form for people to sign up to the Rockwatch mailing list. Any information received from children and young people is carefully reviewed and we require parental consent if your child is under the age of 13. In some circumstances, such as including written work in our Rockwatch magazine or website, parental or carer consent would be sought.

We would ask all parents and carers to encourage their children not to use our social media sites until they at least 13 years old, as stipulated in these websites’ usage policies and in Law. These sites are aimed at our older Rockwatch members.

Joining or Renewing Rockwatch Membership

When you join or renew your Rockwatch membership online on the Rockwatch website you consent to join on a subscription basis. This means that renewals will be processed automatically a year after your initial subscription is processed. Your subscription is set up through our Payment Service Provider, PayPal and can be changed at any time.

If you would like to change or cancel your agreement with Rockwatch, log in to your PayPal account at go to your Profile, and click My money. Then in the “My pre-approved payments” section, update the agreement. If you do not wish to join Rockwatch on a rolling subscription basis you can join on a one-off yearly basis instead. This is explained in the Join Rockwatch section.