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Dig Deeper: Week 5 – Jurassicgirl Journeys from Spyway Barn to Dancing Ledge, Dorset

For week 5 of our Dig Deeper series, we’re delighted to be featuring Jurassicgirl, aka Dr Anjana Khatwa, on one of her popular vlog field trips from Spyway Barn to Dancing Ledge in Dorset.

Anjana is an Earth Scientist and Rockwatch fan, known for bringing her love of rocks and fossils to the masses through her many TV and YouTube appearances, on programmes like BBC Two’s Fossil Detectives.

Anjana’s accessible and entertaining style ensures she is able to pass on her passion for geology to audiences of all ages. She’s also published lots of papers on glacial geology and has written award-winning teaching resources about the Jurassic Coast, so she really knows her Jurassic stuff!

We were spoiled as far as choice of field trips goes, but it seemed obvious to pick a field trip which had ‘Escape’ as its lockdown learning theme – something we can all relate to in these current times! Plus, the idea of escaping is very much a part of being a geologist, where we can get away to explore past eras, be it fossil hunting or gem mining.

Joined by her partner and three children, in her vlog Anjana explores a 5km circular route from Spyway Barn to Dancing Ledge. So-called because when the waves wash over the flat surface of the ledge, the surface undulations cause the water to bob, making the ledge appear to dance.

Anjana describes how the ledge was formed hundreds of years ago through quarrying. The rocks are limestone and form part of the Portland stone formation, dating back to 146 million years ago, a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Right in the heart of the 85-mile-long Jurassic coastline, we agree with Anjana that there’s nothing better than being outdoors and feeling more connected and at peace surrounded by nature.

So, we hope you’ll also enjoy watching Jurassicgirl journeys from Spyway Barn to Dancing Ledge, Dorset.

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Author: Helen Connolly

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