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Emily Frankish

Geological Sciences Undergraduate
Hello, my name is Emily and I have been a proud member of Rockwatch for over 10 years. I am now in my first year at Leeds University studying Geological Sciences. I have always wanted to be a Geologist and Rockwatch has been with me every step of the way. I discovered Rockwatch through my local museum in Cardiff, a club with a great magazine that I wanted to be a part of. Rockwatch has always been brilliant; from being a small child interested in volcanoes and cool shaped pebbles on the beach to happy hunting for trilobites in rocks in Wales and applying for University the club has been there to support me when needed. My school did not teach Geology at ‘A’ level. However, because of Rockwatch not only do I have a wicked collection of rocks, fossils and minerals, but also a knowledge of basic geological concepts gathered from field trips and preparing for, entering and even winning, on occasion the annual Rockstar competition. The field trips have always been great fun with the experts providing a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to me. I think I may have had more field experience than anyone else in my year at University! The competitions were a chance to dig into subject areas that I really liked, in my case more trilobites and landslides! My whole family were so proud when they saw my work published in both the Rockwatch and Geologists’ Association’s magazines. My friends used to ask me what I will do with my degree, not always understanding the role the geologist plays in our world. What kind of geologist will I be? I am not sure yet, but there is much to choose from, be it out in the field or in the laboratory and on the way there is plenty of incredible stuff to learn. When I graduate in a couple of years’ time I will remember where I started, with Rockwatch, and one day soon I hope to be that expert on a Rockwatch fieldtrip inspiring the next generation. So, thank you Susan and thank you Rockwatch for all your help and support over the last few years. I am not sure I could have done this without you. (Susan says, “I think you could but it’s been fun to share it with you, Emily”). Emily Frankish

Author: Helen Connolly

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