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Rockwatch - who are we?

Welcome to Rockwatch, the nationwide club for young geologists. It is the junior club of the Geologists' Association.

Rockwatch is the club for all those interested in things geological - rocks, fossils, minerals and landscape.

Picture: a Rockwatch weekend away at Charmouth, Dorset
New members receive a loose leaf, A5 size, Rox file containing a basic set of geological fact cards; magnifier; Rockwatch badge; a grain size card; full colour geological map of the British Isles and a "Thumbs-Up" guide showing you how to make the best of your collections and a list of Uk museums with geological collections.

front cover of the current issue of the Rockwatch magazine. We publish a full colour magazine
three times a year. Each issue is
full of fascinating geological articles (many at the "cutting-edge" of the science); activities and puzzles and two fact cards to add to those
already in your Rox file. We also
encourage letters from our members for inclusion in the magazine.

Rockwatchers attending a recent eventEach issue of the magazine contains an Events List, giving details of all our Rockwatch events, plus many others open to Rockwatchers, some free, some discounted to Rockwatch members.

Parents/guardians are required to accompany their children on all our Rockwatch activities (see our parental guide page for more information) - and this has led to a number of parents developing their own interest in geology!

Field trips
Our field trips are fabulous, giving members the chance to meet eminent geologists, to collect fossils and minerals and take place throughout the country.

Picture: a recent Rockwatch competition's winning illustrationWe have an annual competition with fabulous prizes. Winners get the chance to meet well-known geologists and see "behind the scenes" perhaps at a museum, research institute or at one of our sponsoring institutions.

Details for our 2013 Rockstars competition.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rockwatch - the best club on Earth!

Picture: Susan Brown, Rockwatch Chairman Susan Brown,
Rockwatch Chairman


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