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Dig Deeper: Week 4 – Weymouth Bay Coastal Defences in pictures, past and present

Weymouth Coastal DefencesWeek four of our Dig Deeper series explores the theme of coastal defences again but this time we’re in Weymouth and the story will be told through photographs.

Weymouth geology expert, Alan Holiday returns to present a unique longitudinal insight into coastal erosion in the Weymouth Bay area. Alan chronicles more than a century of geological changes through photographs dating back to the early 1900’s, right up to the present day.

In that time, and if you train your geological eye, it is possible to see how a lack of coastal defences, along with the harsh effects that rough seas and stormy weather, can change the coastline and impact how people live and interact with the land. It also gives experts the evidence they need to help plan and implement effective coastal defence strategies.

If you have had an opportunity to see Alan’s presentation last week about Lyme Regis coastal defences then you will see that many of the images illustrate concepts Alan introduced us to, such as groynes, slumping, and gabions! See if you can spot any of these in the photographs, or even next time you visit the coast!

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So, get ready to see Weymouth Bay Coastal Defences in pictures, past and present.

Author: Helen Connolly

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