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Lana’s Nodule of Marcasite

Lana's Nodule of Marcasite

Lana’s Nodule of Marcasite

On a recent walk in Dorset, Lana stumbled across an unusually hard and heavier than normal stone and wanted to find out more about it.

Sometimes mistakenly thought to be meteorites, Rockwatch Ambassador Mick is confident that Lana has found a nodule of marcasite.

Evidently typical to the Child Okeford area of Dorset thanks to its chalk deposition, Lana’s specimen of marcasite is formed of characteristic rounded bumps and if it was cracked open is likely to show beautiful radiating crystals more often associated with its closely related mineral form Iron Pyrite (aka fool’s gold).

Learn more about how marcasites are formed in Mick’s explanation to Lana.

Author: Helen Connolly

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