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Beat the Summer Holiday Boredom and Become and Rockstar!

Competition Time!If you’re looking for ways to ease the holiday boredom then our summer competition might cheer you up, and you could end up being a Rockstar!

Every year, Rockwatchers from around the UK enjoy putting together geology projects on topics that inspire them, and submit them to our Rockstar Young Geologists’ Competition.

Children and young people from ages 4-18 take part, whether they’re newbies discovering geology for the first time, or committed amateur geologists on a mission to master an area of interest.

It’s so incredible to see entries, which every year never fail to impress the Rockwatch judges. There are so many geology topics to explore. As Rockwatch Chair, Susan Brown says, “The key thing is to just have a go and have fun so we hope lots of our members will take up the challenge!

The deadline for entries is 8 September 2022. Find out more about the Rockstar Young Geologists’ Competition now!

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Author: Helen Connolly

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