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Book the Annual Residential Fieldtrip and Get First Year of Rockwatch Membership for Free!

Over time our residential fieldtrip to Dorset has become something of an annual pilgrimage for Rockwatchers. It’s a time when members come together with the Rockwatch Team and fellow experts and have a full daily programme in the summer exploring some of the most precious geological sites that Dorset’s Jurassic Coastline has to offer and a number of fun evening activities. These are not just any old geological  sites, but as World Hertiage sites they join a prestigious list of important international areas of significance. For us in the UK they are a haven of knowledge about our world and our past.

That’s why we go again and again and why we want you to experience with us, the fabulous fossils and features of our Jurassic Coastline.

And for the first time this year we’d like to welcome even more members to join us on our adventure. That’s why for a limited time we’re offering people the opportunity to book to come along on the trip and receive their first year of Rockwatch membership absolutely FREE!  So there you have it; even more reason to book a trip with a difference, and one that will open you and your families’ minds to the wonderful world of geology.

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Author: Helen Connolly

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