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Former Rockwatcher is lead geologist in Dinosaurs of China Exhibition summer 2017

Dinosaurs of China Exhibition in Nottingham summer 2017

Rockwatch is delighted to share that former Rockwatcher, Dr Adam Smith is the lead geologist in a brand new exhibition coming to Nottingham next summer in 2017.

Dr Smith , who credits Rockwatch for helping to foster his passion for geology, has been the driving force behind this major event.

The collection features rare and never seen before fossils and specimens from Asia and includes dinosaur bones as well as soft parts such as skin and feathers. Boasting newly discovered species, some as recent as 2015, visitors will come face to face with the likes of Gigantoraptor – the largest feathered dinosaur ever found, standing at a massive 4 meters high and 8 meters long as well as Microraptor, a four-winged flying relative of Velociraptor with feathers still in tact on its arms and legs.

The show will run from July-October 2017 at Wollaton Hall and at Lakeside Arts. Find out more on the Wollaton Hall website

Find out more about Dr Adam Smith in our former Rockwatch members section.


Author: Helen Connolly

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