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Pre-order your copy of the i-SPY Fossils and Rocks Guide

Get your copy of the i-SPY Fossils and Rocks GuideA super new addition to the popular Collins Michelin i-SPY Guide series has been produced especially for fossil and rock lovers – great for Rockwatchers – and the perfect time to announce its forthcoming publication on World Book Day.

Aimed at children from 5 years and up, the i-SPY Fossils and Rocks booklet is available to pre-order now! It’s publication date is just around the corner on 16th March so you won’t have long to wait long until you can get outdoors and discover more than 140 things.

We’re thrilled that the Guide was put together with the help of Rockwatch Team members Michael Oates and Wendy Kirk and that Rockwatch will benefit from a percentage of the sales. 

The Guide costs just £3.99 and is the perfect pocket companion for Rockwatchers to have fun outdoors with their family and friends whilst discovering more about the world around them. 

In the meantime, enjoy World Book Day!

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Author: Helen Connolly

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