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Rockwatch Magazine Issue 52

Issue 52 Contents List: Published July 2009

52-a geologist-in-virginia

52-a geologist-in-virginia
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A Geologist in Virginia

On the Road with Rockwatch
Enjoy some of the highlights of Rockwatch field trips around the country.

The Danger Line in Northern Turkey

James Barnet a former Rockwatch prize winner, now a working geologist, tells us as it is on the North Anatolian Fault! It is a highly active area and seismologists are working hard to improve their predictions before disaster strikes again.

Puddingstone Cake

Make your own delicious geological cake to thrill and surprise your friends. Susanna van Rose tells you how.

Urban Fossil Hunting

Geology really is all around you! Javier Ortega Hernandez shows us how to spot fossils in an urban setting – in shopping centres, buildings both outside and inside and churches, are just some of the places you’ll find fossils. Try your own detective work where you live – and tell us about your finds.

Ploughing Up a Pleasant Surprise

Roger Le Voir finds lots of fossils on a country outing, thanks to a friendly farmer. You may be able to follow his lead on your family outings.

A Geologist in Virginia

For Peter Doyle, his interests in geology and history meant a detective holiday in Virginia, USA, working out how the State’s geology had helped shape its human history during the past 400 years.

Desert Holidays

Travel with Rockwatch member, Hannah Sutherland to Tunisia and the great Sarahan Desert and discover some of the amazing fossils and rock structures she saw on her journey.

Microfossils Give Clues to Past Climate

Geologists are involved in working out past climates in many ways. Malcolm Hart explains how microfossils can be used to do this.

Author: Helen Connolly

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