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Rockwatch Magazine Issue 71

Issue 71 contents list: published January 2016


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Issue 71 of Rockwatch Magazine: Issues have been dispatched to members to enjoy.

This issue features details about the Rockstar Competition and its winners along with photos of some of the entries.  There’s an article by Rockwriter entrant Julian Trevelyan on how a green and pleasant valley in north west England was once a semi-desert surrounded by rocky uplands.

Another entrant Gwynfor Morgan also writes about green and pleasant places – the geological depressions in France to find why humans wanted to extract the rocks. Rockstar entrant Amina Nelson Riggott inspires readers with recipes based on our solar system’s planets.

Peter Doyle tells us about Upper Palaeozoic fossils, Fiona Young tells of a piece of restored salt-mining history in Cheshire and Margaret Leonard describes a geological map you can walk on in York – part of the 200th anniversary of William Smith’s geological map celebrations.

So there’s plenty for members to learn about! If you like the sound of these articles and aren’t already a member all you need to do is join today and you’ll receive a copy of this magazine and 2 other issues throughout the year! It costs just £10 a year for under 16’s to join or £15 for families. Find out more now.

Author: Rob Wassell

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