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Edwin Rose

PhD student in History
I have had interests in both geology and history since I was very small. Rockwatch has developed my interests in geology through me reading and contributing to the magazine and going on fieldtrips such as trilobite hunting near Llandrindod Wells, one of many Rockwatch field trips I went on. The first field trip I ever went on was a fossil weekend in Lyme Regis which was advertised by Rockwatch. I found lots of fossils, which really spurred me on to collect more. At school, I chose a wide variety of subjects, involving both sciences and history because I was not certain of the route I was going to take. However, when the time came, I found that I was more inclined to go down the history route, and I am currently a second year BA history student at Swansea University. However, geology has an important role in my current work through my interest in the interpretations of geology and other sciences in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I am interested in how natural geological events changed the thought of the philosophers during the enlightenment and helped shape the world we live in today, with a particular emphasis on colonialism in the early modern period. As part of my studies, I am going to China next year for five months. I still retain a keen interest in geology and will look at some of the Chinese geology when I am out there. I hope to continue to contribute to the Rockwatch magazine about the history of geology and historical geological events. Susan Brown adds: After graduating from Swansea with a 1st class honours degree, Edwin did an MPhil at Cambridge in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology. He is now studying for a PhD at Cambridge further developing the topic of his MPhil. He continues to write articles for the Rockwatch magazine, many based on his personal exploration of areas of outstanding geology and their geological history.

Author: Helen Connolly

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