The UK's Nationwide Geology Club for Children

Kirsty Pepper

Primary School Teacher
When I was 8, my grandma gave me a box of minerals which she had been given years earlier. From then on, I started collecting other rocks and minerals. So, when a stall holder at a craft fayre gave me a leaflet about Rockwatch, I was keen to become a member. Throughout the next 8 years I enjoyed reading Rockwatch magazines and going on  field trips as my knowledge of and passion for geology grew. I even won the 'Rock Artist' title in 1999, and 'Rockhound Challenger' title in 2000! Continuing my interest in geology, I went to Durham University to do an MSci in Geosciences. During my four years in Durham, I was fortunate enough to go on many field trips, including to Cyprus and  South Africa! Although I decided not to pursue a career in geology, I developed so many transferable skills through the course of my degree which I have found extremely useful. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities which first Rockwatch, and then my Geology degree, gave me. I decided to train as a primary school teacher and so get the opportunity to teach different aspects of Geology to children. But, for Now I am taking a career break to bring up my young son; maybe he will be a member of Rockwatch one day!

Author: Helen Connolly

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