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Susanna van Rose

Rockwatch Magazine Editor
I studied geology at St Andrews University, which was a wonderful opportunity to get to know Scotland’s scenery and to contemplate its complex structure.  At that time plate tectonics had hardly entered geologists’ thinking, so it was during the next decades, whilst on the staff at the Geological Museum in London’s South Kensington that I looked for innovative ways to open up this novel concept to the public, through the Museum’s new exhibitions and books. I moved on following the merger of the Geological Museum into the Natural History Museum;  wrote three illustrated books about the Earth for Dorling Kindersley, and worked with Usborne Books. I was one of the team that brought Rockwatch club into existence in the early 1990s and have remained with the club as magazine editor throughout its history. And my favourite geological ‘thing’ -  It has to be the mineral susannite.  It was first found in the Susanna vein in the Leadhills mining area of southern Scotland.

Author: Helen Connolly

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