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Walks and Talks at the Virtual Festival of Geology

There was so much to see and do at this year’s first ever Virtual Festival of Geology – you needed a whole weekend to cover it all!

We’ve already highlighted some of the activities you can get involved with in the Discovery Room, where you’ll find Rockwatch, but did you know there were some fantastic walks and talks planned too which you can either do virtually or for real.

Here’s a quick run-down of the talks and the walks that took place. Recordings of all the live events are now available to watch online!

Talks on Saturday 7 November

Lectures with a Q & A with the speaker afterwards – all completely FREE! Catch up with these fascinating talks on the Festival website now!

Above and Beyond: Drones are changing the way we monitor volcanoes

Dr Emma Liu from University College London

The Geology of the Thames Tideway Tunnel

Dr Tim Newman from Tideway, London

UV-B radiation was the terrestrial killer at the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary

Professor John Marshall from University of Southampton

The Day the Dinosaurs Died

Professor Philip Manning from University of Manchester

Break Out Rooms – Saturday 7 November 12.30-2.00

General GA Meeting Room

Hosted by the GA President – Vanessa Banks

Fossil Identification

Hosted by GA Vice President – Mick Oates

Geoconservation issues, Quaternary Research and Earth Heritage

Hosted by Colin Prosser & David Bridgland

Students Room

Hosted by GA Student Reps past and present – Tom Phillips & David Pedreros Bastidas

Walks, Tours and Field Trips – Sunday 8 November

Here are some of the planned walks, and you’ll find more exciting virtual field trips and tours on the Festival website when it goes live.

Get Guide Walk 1 – Building Stone Walk in Central London – self guided

Get Guide Walk 2 – Urban Geology in Walthamstow Forest – self guided


Author: Helen Connolly

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