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Rockwatch Residential Field Trip 2024

Rockwatch Residential Field Trip 2024

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Calling all adventurers, fossil enthusiasts, and curious minds! It’s that time of the year again – the eagerly anticipated Dorset 5-Day Residential Fieldtrip awaits, and you’re invited to embark on an unforgettable journey with us from July 29th to August 2nd, 2024.

Year after year, our Dorset expedition has been a cherished tradition for Rockwatchers. It’s a time when enthusiasts, experts, and the Rockwatch Team unite to explore the wonders of Dorset’s Jurassic Coastline. This annual pilgrimage offers an enriching experience, delving into the geological marvels that have earned their place as World Heritage sites.

Why do we keep returning? Because these sites are not just ordinary geological formations; they hold the secrets of our planet’s history. They’re a treasure trove of knowledge, revealing stories of ancient life and Earth’s evolution.

Join us for an immersive week of geological exploration along the breathtaking Dorset Jurassic Coast. From beach fossil hunts to quarry forages, every day promises new discoveries and adventures. And it’s not just about science – evenings are filled with fun activities, making it an ideal getaway for families and children over 7.

Your home away from home during this expedition will be the Leeson House Study Centre near Swanage. Set against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, it’s the perfect basecamp for our geological escapades.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for the week, which includes all meals and transport during the visit:

  • Adults (18+): £355
  • 1st Child (up to 17 years old): £250
  • 2nd and subsequent children (up to 17 years old): £160

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to walk in the footsteps of pioneers like Mary Anning and uncover ancient treasures along the Dorset coast.

Curious about what awaits you? Take a sneak peek into last year’s adventures with our residential roundup video here.

Ready to embark on this geological odyssey? Secure your spot now and book online!

For more details about our Annual Residential Fieldtrips to Dorset and to reserve your place, visit our events section.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Dorset’s Jurassic Coastline and create unforgettable memories amidst the wonders of nature’s time capsule. See you there!

Author: Helen Connolly

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